LIKE ENTERTAINMENT aspires to tell stories that are bold, distinctive and entertaining, through content that is intelligent and inspiring.


Who We Are


Ivan Schwarz

Co-Founder & Producer, Like Entertainment, Inc.

Ivan has over 30 years of experience in the film and television industry. He was a Co-Producer on the HBO mini-series BAND OF BROTHERS and a Location Manager on ENTOURAGE, MY NAME IS EARL, THE COMEBACK, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, as well as on many other films and television projects. He has worked all over the world alongside top industry professionals, such as Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

In addition to his work at Like Entertainment, Inc., Ivan was the President of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission (GCFC) from 2006-2019.  Ivan led a statewide effort to create the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit to promote filming in Ohio that was passed in 2009. With the tax incentive in place, Ivan secured many box office favorites to film in Northeast Ohio, including; Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, THE AVENGERS, FAST AND FURIOUS 8, and DRAFT DAY, to name but a few.  Additionally, due to Ivan’s efforts, the state earmarked $7.5 million for a standalone film school at Cleveland State University, the first in Ohio. 



Katia Schwarz

Co-Founder & Producer, Like Entertainment, Inc. 

Katia has a background in theatre and directs locally in Cleveland. She has also worked as a production coordinator for a London-based commercial production company. Additionally, Katia spent ten years as a K-12 educator and also has extensive experience in non-profit management and development. Katia is originally from London and speaks both French and Spanish.

Katia was an Executive Producer on the 2017 film EXACT CHANGE – the story of boy meets girl inside one person, the journey of a trans-gender woman.

Katia received her BA Honors degree from Oxford Brookes University in England and her MA from Chapman University in California. 


Our Projects


All Four Stars

LIKE ENTERTAINMENT is currently developing a television series based on Tara Dairman's popular middle grade series All Four Stars.

The series centers around 11 year old protagonist Gladys Gatsby as she secretly follows her dream to become a restaurant critic for one of New York City's biggest newspapers, all while navigating the ups and downs of middle school.

Learn more about the book series here.



The Great Hibernation

LIKE ENTERTAINMENT has optioned The Great Hibernation by Tara Dairman. What happens when every grown up in a tiny town falls asleep? Jean Huddy and the kids of St. Polonious-on-the-Fjord are about to find out. This original and delightful story imagines a town run by children, trying to solve the mystery of their sleeping parents and uncover the secret to waking them.

Learn more about the book here.



Hugo Marston

LIKE ENTERTAINMENT has optioned the rights to Mark Pryor’s Hugo Marston series, an eight-book series including The Bookseller, The Crypt Thief, The Blood Promise, The Button Man, The Reluctant Matador, The Paris Librarian, The Sorbonne Affair and The Book Artist.

The series follows the charismatic Texan, Hugo Marston, a former FBI profiler who is now Head of Security at the American Embassy in Paris. From Paris to London, to Barcelona and back, Marston finds himself as the American in Europe, solving murder mysteries, steeped in history, yet intriguingly connected to the present.

Learn more about the series here.